WordPress Speed Up Service



We will improve and optimize the loading time and overall performance of your WordPress website for users and search engines. In 2010, Google began to take into account the speed of websites as a ranking for search engine positioning.

40% of internet users leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
Once we make this Meteor your users will not leave your website again and your positioning (SEO) will improve gradually. In addition to having more visitors to repeat your visit, lower the bounce rate, have more sales and conversions, we will lower the resources consumed in your hosting (Hosting), and you will get a better ranking in searches.

This Meteor includes:

  • WordPress Core Optimization.
  • Activation of the browser cache. (Take advantage of caching)
  • Image optimization without image loss.
  • Deletion of query strings.
  • Minimize the number of requests.
  • Prevent hotlinking.
  • HTML code optimization.
  • Defer analysis of possible CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Enable Gzip compression (To help the website load quickly in the browser and reduce the size of the web page).
  • Optimize the .htaccess.
  • Minify CSS and JavaScript files.


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